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Contact me now for copy, editing and proofing, just as you like it. Whether you need a copywriter for new web-content, a copy-editor to check the old, a writer for longer pieces or proofing for your own content, drop me a line to talk about your needs.

“Sarah’s really easy to work with, understands the concept of each project instantly and delivers on time. Best of all, though, is the quality of the work. Each project she completes for us needs no additional work on our part”

– Matt Farrah, Niche Jobs Ltd.

Back after a few years off teaching with a swathe of new experiences and industry knowledge to write about and advise on.

I generally do: webpages, blog posts, SEO, academic, creative, and content writing; proofreading and editing for both authors and academics.

I can research and write most things.

Sarah was an absolute star, she was thrown a rather thickish, technical tome and made it glow with gorgeousness. DEFINITELY one to recommend, very easy to work with, great communication and an amazing eye for details.

10/10 everytime!

– Stuart Morrison

Previous copy work includes technology, reviewing, luxury goods, charity fundraising, catalogue copy, sports, nutrition, consumer goods, recruitment page copy, interviews, and e-books

Sarah is wonderful! She took the pressure of my shoulders! She is such an easy going and pleasure to work with! And she works fast and extremely hard. I can fully recommend her 🙂

– Anna T.

Professional and personal experience includes education, SEND, local authority work, FE, business, charity and voluntary sectors, the workplace, origami, young people, cooking, baking, gardening, environmental issues, DIY, and houseplants.

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Sometimes you need something special. When your services customise to your clients’ bespoke needs, you need copy that can match the relevance and flexibility you offer. To discuss your unique provision and discuss a bespoke package, email Sarah now

Blog-posts and social media

Blogs and social media are the backbone of your online presence. Whether having those longer and organic conversations with the customer who wants to know you know your stuff or embedding those links you know will drive traffic to your site, contact Sarah now to discuss.

Informative communication

Part of proving your worth is showing you’ve got the deeper knowledge to back up your hard-earnt market position. From publishing white papers to preparing for conference presentation to placing that carefully-chosen article in your industry magazine, get in contact with Sarah now to develop that key piece.

About Marmalade

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I write freelance on a part-time basis. I live in Bath in the UK, working part-time as a college lecturer and part-time as a copywriter.

I started in the summer of 2012, writing my first pieces for a local charity providing complementary therapy to children. Deciding to get started with a good old round of cold-calling, the charity took me on straight away for donations letters, articles, blogs and masses of service user case studies.

From there work moved from tech reviews, to a variety of blogs about marketing, maintenance, glamping, managing ad spend and property development, to weekly educational training mailshots to informative blogging e-commerce, more voluntary work to support another local charity’s copywriting accessibility needs- a brief side-step to an interview with the Professional Copywriter’s Network – to landing such a big contract for a whisky site that I had to employ writers myself – as well as the start of a long-term relationship with a health and social care job recruitment site for web content, news, blogs, articles and interviews, alongside some light social media engagement and management (again, the fruitful product of my good friend, cold-calling).

After that came book editing – a real highlight, supporting and advising authors with their self-published e-books. Sci-fi novels, sports self-help guides, dietary advice, and promotional material for an exercise board game…. this was a informative year! Then came prospectus work for Baze University, a great deal of dental equipment content, on-going small content rewriting via PeoplePerHour

And then I hit the wall with teacher training. It turns out there really are only so many hours in day. I’ve been out of writing for a few years – honing my other craft – and am back again, ready to write for your business. Whether you’re looking for the mechanics of web content or the art of capturing what makes your business unique, email me now to get that copy off your to-do list and into your business presence.