Tech reviews

RD60 Revival Radio review – “The RD60 Revival Radio is a truly beautiful radio. It’s gorgeous, it’s sexy and it’s retro. With this bit of kit, Roberts have taken a classic design of theirs and brought it back to life for today’s radio fetishist.”

Squeezebox DAB radio review – “The adorably-named Logitech Squeezebox Music Radio player is one of several new internet radios that combine the full power of online radio broadcast and colour screen technology.; Unusually it had discarded AM and FM reception altogether but when you think of the wealth of stations online, this doesn’t seem like such a shame.”

Blogs, articles and guest posts

Bullying – “Unfortunately, bullying has become a real focus for us all of late. Between the habitual instances in schools and the new cyber-bullying we’re racing to deal with – and with recent research into the development of mental illness for Warwick University and Kings’s College Long pouring a little more fuel onto the fire of concern, parents may wonder what they can do about it all.”

Domiciliary jobs – “Are you a free-range worker? Does the thought of being tied to a desk and talking to a computer all day just feel you with fear? How about helping people to live independently in their own homes whilst receiving the support they need? Domiciliary jobs may be just the solution for you.”

Web access for the hearing-impaired – We’ve all had our days when our hearing’s gone a bit murky because we got water in our ear in the shower. Or maybe you remember falling asleep after a loud music event with your ears still ringing, wondering if you’ll wake up the nest day with everything back to normal. For around 285 million people, these kinds of problems are ever-present.”


Computer guide – “First things first. DON’T PANIC. Everyone panics when they are plopped in front of a computer. You’re scared of looking stupid; you’re scared of breaking it; you’re scared of being patronized and then being ‘taught’ how to use it in a garble of words that you can’t make sense of.”


Perfect lessons every time email – “Every teacher wants to improve their lessons. Where there’s falsehood, laxity or misunderstanding, it shall be corrected and improved because, gosh-darn it, that’s what teachers do!”

Questions, questions, questions email – “Bad questioning…we all do it. Sometimes because we’re tired, sometimes because we’re in a rush and sometimes we don’t know we’re doing it. ‘Today, we’re going to look at mammals…you all know what mammals are, don’t you?’ – cue murmurs of ‘Yeah, yeah’. “

Observation training email – “There is a great deal of observation about these days. OFSTED, Learning Walks, peer observations…it never seems to end”

Fund-raising letters

Repeat donations – “…these three elements provide families with the skills, confidence and rapport they can take home to benefit from again and again. When you donate to Clover House, you provide families with a legacy of benefits.”

Case study donation letter – “Evan was having disturbing thoughts and self-harming. He was disruptive, aggressive and defiant at home and school, on the verge of being excluded, He was unhappy and so were his family, friends and teachers. His father knew he was a wonderful boy, saying that he had “so many good things to offer. And I could just see it disappearing in front of my eyes”.