Company founders wait too long and lose productivity

When will you maximise your productivity?

A silhouette of a stressed, desperate-looking person trapped in an egg timer on a wooden floor in front of some net curtains

Business owners work too hard.  There’s no other way to launch your serious shot at what you have to offer the market.  You eat,  breathe, sleep, and f*** your offer 24/7, because what else would you be doing when you know what you have is so right?

Someone who knows this explicitly is April Underwood, former Director of Product to Twitter and CPO to Slack.  She knows how the rhythm of productivity when you are creating something truly special and she knows the implications for company growth when CEOs and managers get timing wrong.

My other post discussed her fervent call to action on hiring in her excellent interview with NFX. Just when will you fire yourself from your copy work and let yourself focus on your critical objectives?  Underwood also pointed out:

Don’t wait too long. Founders tend to wait too long before realizing this. So they may lose some amount of productivity for their team because the Founder must get to a point where they’re just not able to respond quickly.”

You need your time free to respond.  Let Marmalade take your copy needs off your hands so you can get on with your vital work.  I can get that weekly blog off the to-do list, I can sort out that old copy you slightly underpaid for and now can’t use, and I can write up that business paper for LinkedIn that centres your value in your market place.

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